Madeleine Rhondeau


Social: @merhondeau (instagram)

Artist Statement: Memory. We rely on it to make decisions, to avoid error, to be swept into nostalgia. It is fluid. It is stark. It is ugly and bright. It is gendered. It is aged. And it is biased. Inspired by the graphic nature of kabuki theater, Madeleine Rhondeau explores the evanescent quality of memory as it slips between the real and the remembered. siren x silence is an ongoing series that traces the drama of the human figure, traversing conflicts of love, honor and filial obedience.

Bio: Madeleine Rhondeau is from Crozet, Virginia and graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in Studio Art and Historic Preservation. Madeleine currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia and is a renting member of the McGuffey Art Center.

againandagainandagainandagain. 2018. acrylic on canvas. 54" x 76". $900.

comfortable violence. 2018. acrylic on board. 36” x 36”. $600.

baby doll. 2018. acrylic on canvas. 42” x 80”. $1,000.

red thread. 2018. acrylic on canvas. 38” x 76”. $2,000.

hover. 2018. acrylic on canvas. 54” x 70”. $700.

reaching. 2018. acrylic on canvas. 36” x 52”. $400.

siren x silence. 2018. acrylic on board. 24” x 24”. $550.




Painters Show Backdoor Gallery - Group Show February 2014

Horshoes & Handgrenades - Comics and Art Gallery February 2014

Painters Show Backdoor Gallery - Group Show March 2014

Liberty Town - Group Exhibition September 2014

UMW - Group Show “Pretty. Good. Art.” February 2015

First Fridays - McGuffey Art Center August-present

Shenandoah Valley Art Center - 40 under 40 Group Exhibition March 2017

Slayer Gallery - Group Show May 2017

Incubator Artist - Group Show June 2017

Cityscapes Group Show - June 2017

McGuffey Members Summer Group Show - July 2017

McGuffey New Members Show - January 2018

Mudhouse Featured Artist - January 2018

Second Street Gallery - October-November 2018


Fredericksburg Literary Arts Review, April 2017

Inklette Magazine, May Issue, 2017

Limerence, July Issue, 2017

Education & Residencies: 

University of Mary Washington - B.A. Studio Art 2010-2014

McGuffey Incubator Studio - July 2016 - July 2017


J. Binford Walford Scholarship - Studio Art Spring 2013