innocence is bliss: As children, our awareness is shaped in color and light and temperature. When those memories dull, they flicker, but in brilliant color. Blues and reds and pale pink knees.  As the thoughts are stretched and pulled by time, they become someone else’s memories. You don’t recognize them as your own, and it becomes difficult to place yourself within them. Passing thoughts become blindingly bright. Distracting and protective. Innocence is bliss.  Only upon correction did you realize you meant ignorance, and it only becomes harder when you realize you are no longer ignorant or innocent.

Birthdays, 4'x4', acrylic on canvas

Boundaries, 48"x48", acrylic on masonite

Basic Space, 48"x48", acrylic on canvas

Exterior Interiors, ?, acrylic on canvas

Innocence Is Bliss, ?, acrylic on canvas

Watch, ?, acrylic on canvas

Aerial, ?, acrylic on canvas

Precipice, ?, acrylic on canvas

Relative, ?, acrylic on canvas