MemERy: Memories are a powerful thing. We rely on them to make decisions, to avoid error and to be swept into nostalgia. Memory is a subjective thing. It is gendered, it is aged and it is biased.

oy vey cafe. 3'x3'. acrylic on canvas.

casino night. 18"x18". acrylic on canvas.

wails. 3'x7'. acrylic on canvas. 

lizard kisser. 18"x18". acrylic on canvas. 

can i just rent my movie please? 18" x 36". acrylic on canvas.

stephen soup. 18"x36". acrylic on canvas. 

omgno. 3'x3'. acrylic on canvas. 

bitches love bow ties. 18"x18". acrylic on canvas.

study party. 3'x3'. acrylic on canvas. 


your light was on. 3'x3'. acrylic on canvas.

drag me. 18"x18". acrylic on canvas.